Religious Education promotes wisdom by encouraging students to learn how to reflect ever more deeply on the fundamental questions of life. It helps to open their minds and hearts to receive the life-giving truth of God’s loving Revelation. It invites them into relationship with the Person of Jesus Christ as the Revelation of God and as their own true nature as human beings. It forms young people as they learn to discern and to live the message of the Gospel by helping them to:

  • grow to fullness of life within a conscious, transformative relationship with God through Jesus Christ and in the Holy Spirit
  • acquire the skills of biblical and religious literacy through the explicit teaching of, inquiring into, reflecting on and responding to the Word of God
  • develop knowledge and understanding of the meaning and purpose of being human, of Catholic beliefs, practices and ethical values, and the contribution of the Catholic Church to the lives of believers and wider society
  • learn to act with social responsibility and to witness to the Reign of God
  • have an understanding of belonging and purpose within the Catholic faith community
  • learn to participate in the liturgical and sacramental life of the Catholic faith community
  • act with integrity and responsibility
  • develop a sense of connectedness in the local and world communities
  • grow as people of justice and peace
  • develop an understanding of themselves as spiritual beings, created, liberated, gifted and loved by God
  • be empowered as people of hope and resilience