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New! 2023 Liturgical Calendar

New! 2023 Enthroning the Bible and Prayer Table Godly Play Scripts

KWL Curriculum Planning

KWL Digital

Understanding Faith

Theological Conversations - Full Document

Together at One Altar

Readings to help support the understanding of Christian Prayer

Formal Prayers for EY and K - 6 Document from GNFL

Liturgy Help and PDF on how to access

GNFL Meaningful Structure Explained


Religious Education Standards for Catholic Schools of the Archdiocese of Hobart  May 2022


NCEC Faith Formation & Religious Education Framing Paper Videos


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Resources can be discovered for each Year Level and Element using the 'Search Resources' page in this section. These include many of the resources suggested in the Planning for Learning section and additional supporting material. Resource formats vary and include (but are not limited to) embedded videos, print and electronic resources, images, websites, apps, objects and kits supporting Good News for Living. Every effort will be made to indicate where copies of physical resources can be purchased or borrowed.  

Please note: All resources referred to on this site should be considered suggestions only. They are not definitive or exhaustive lists of resources on each topic and teacher discretion is advised in their use at all times. If you discover a problem with a listed resource or would like to suggest other relevant materials to promote, please contact the Digital Resource Coordinator at Catholic Education Tasmania.